16 slots available! - Mystery Fleece Blender Subscription Box

  • 16 slots available! - Mystery Fleece Blender Subscription Box
  • 16 slots available! - Mystery Fleece Blender Subscription Box
  • 16 slots available! - Mystery Fleece Blender Subscription Box
  • 16 slots available! - Mystery Fleece Blender Subscription Box
  • 16 slots available! - Mystery Fleece Blender Subscription Box


Welcome to our Mystery Fleece Blender Subscription Box! Please read the full listing before signing up.

This box is wonderful for people that have carders or blending boards of their own that want to experiment with more fiber variety. In this, you will receive 2oz of beautiful premium washed wool and a selection of natural effects fibers to blend with it. The wool we source comes from a variety of small farms all over the U.S. and each month will feature a different breed. The boxes will occasionally include overdyed fleece, though we will mostly try to highlight natural colors. Effects fibers will be of natural fibers only, which are other wools and plant fibers, dyed and undyed. Boxes ship by the end of the month based on the Theme schedule below. Slots are limited to 40 per month currently.

With this box, you will be provided information on how to prepare the wool and blend it. We will also be doing a mood board on our blog to get your creative spirit some inspiration. Please feel free to join our Discord Chat Server to show off your goods and talk with some woolly minded folk about it, too! Take advantage of some savings by signing up for a full year!

April 2022: Ocean Dive
June 2022: Talk Parrot to Me
August 2022: A Trip to Space
October 2022: Falling For The Trees
December 2022: In The Arctic
February 2023: Blooming For You

Weight: Approx. 2oz/56g of wool plus 1-1.5oz of Blending Effects Fibers

Subscription Disclaimers:

Fleece will be washed only and will need a little preparation before carding. We cannot guarantee a color ratio from washed fleeces. Vegetation, some trapped dirt, and possibly nepps will be present. We source clean and strong luxury wools from a variety of small farms.

We will not be able to cancel or refund six month or full year subscriptions after sign up. Individual month sign-ups must be in by the 1st of the intended month, or will count towards the month after. Multi-month sign-ups count towards the next set of months available. For example, signing up after June 1st and before August 1st would give you August-December. Slots are limited. Shipping is currently set to North American areas for multiple box options as the pricing is so high outside of them. If you would like multiple boxes shipped to another area, please let us know so we can talk shipping!


A Note on Color: Our items are dyed with high quality acid dyes and rinsed clear, but you may experience some color bleed on the first hand wash as is normal. We also do our best to represent accurate color in our photographs, but all monitors are calibrated differently and may alter that.

Allergen Notice: Our home is smoke-free and cat-friendly. While they do not have access to the wools, we cannot guarantee every item is dander free, so please be aware if you have allergies. Allergies can be severe and your safety matters to us!

Vegetation Notice: Some items are hand processed with raw fleece from small farms. You might dig up plant matter, food, hay, and bedding in these items. We do our best to keep VM count as low as possible. These items will be notated as Farm Wools.

Shipping Overages: All excessive shipping overage will be refunded at time of shipping.

COVID-19 Notice: We ship product twice a week at this time to limit exposure. We currently cannot guarantee shipping times with USPS being understandably backed up. Once the item is dropped off with the post office, it is out of our hands, but we will be monitoring every shipment.

If you have any other questions or need help with an order, please write us!

Thank you for shopping with us!


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