-Planting Our Seed Paper-

Hello! Thank you so much for your order! We hope you enjoy the seed paper thank you notes we have started sending with our North American orders! Here we have planting instructions and a list of flowers included. We chose a paper that was approved by the USDA for North American native plants that are pollinator friendly. The paper itself is also 100% recycled and made in a plant that runs off of solar power.

When to Plant

1. Plant the paper outdoors early spring or late fall. Fall plantings will take advantage of the winter rains to give you early spring blooms.
2. Plant anytime indoors, then transplant to a more permanent location in the early spring.

   How to Plant and Care For

1. Soak the seed paper in water overnight.
2. Loosen the soil, or fill a planter pot ¾ of the way with potting soil.
3. Place the wet seed paper in the planter and add a light layer of soil on top to hold in moisture.
4. Water well, especially during the first 4 to 6 weeks.
5. Once the sprouts are well established they can easily be transplanted to a more permanent outdoor location.

Some regions will do better than others, but all will have a plant variety in this paper that thrives! The seed mix in this paper is a lovely Wildflower blend of the following:  Five Spot, Candytuft, Baby Blue Eyes, Siberian Wallflower, Scarlet Flax, Zinnia, Sweet William Pinks, Corn Poppy, Spurred Snapdragon, Catchfly, English Daisy, Daisy, and Black-Eyed Susan